AI Powered 3D &
Augmented Reality

No more 3D modeling or developer hiring hassles. Our plug-and-play solution generates 3D models, AR experiences from one singe image of your product. Boost sales, cut costs, and engage customers like never before.

Available for integration with the most popular platforms

Plug & Play

With multiple features of Identic AI

AI 3D Content Generation

Our AI will generate 3D for you based on the pictures from product page

  • Real Product
  • 3D Generation
  • 3D Viewer

WebAR for Your Website

Integrate our plugin to your website with one line of code, upload 3D models and get AR link

3D Viewer

Embedded 3D viewer/configurator on your website will create an outstanding shopping experience for your clients

AI Media Content Generation

Our AI will generate beautiful content for your social media based on your product picture and text prompt

  • Product Picture
  • AI Generated Content

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Identic AI is the proud member of ETH Startup Family, NVIDIA Inception Program and AWS startup acceleration.